We currently employ 355 individuals, who live in the Thriassion region’s neighbouring municipalities and a further 114 employees, who live in the Western Thessaloniki region’s neighbouring municipalities.

We spend around €3 m. annually on municipal duties and support the local economy, through buying goods and services from the various businesses in the neighbouring areas, where we operate (Tables 6.2a & 6.2b).

Purchases from local suppliers account for 12.3% for the industrial facilities (HELPE and DIAXON) and 97% for the Group’s marketing companies (not taking into account purchase, storage and transportation of crude oil and petroleum products, chemical products, natural resources, fixed telephony services and intragroup transactions). For a definition of the local supplier see "OPERATIONAL PERFORMANCE" section, Indicator G4-EC9.

Table 6.2a: Purchases made by HELPE and DIAXON from local suppliers

Suppliers Value in (thousands €) Value (%) Number %
Thriassio neighbouring municipalities 13,946 6.6% 165 6.4%
Western Thessaloniki neighbouring municipalities 10,702 5.1% 153 5.9%
TOTAL LOCAL 24,655 11.7% 318 12.3%
REST 186,331 88.3% 2,268 87.7%
GRAND TOTAL 210,986 100% 2,586 100%


Table 6.2b: Purchases made by marketing companies from local suppliers

  Total Local Total Local
ΕΚΟ 87,419 85,021 1,765 1,732
HF 45,376 44,401 1,297 1,287
EKO BULGARIA 39,441 37,904 1,176 1,162
HP CYPRUS 12,527 11,436 625 562
OKTA 9,160 7,477 420 400
EKO SERBIA 9,344 9,335 1,342 1,328
JUGOPETROL 18,066 17,528 467 426
TOTAL 221,332  213,251  7,092  6,897 

In 2014, we designed and implemented a broad CSR program having set the priorities presented in Chart 6.3.The Group’s investments in CSR initiatives, both within Greece and abroad, amounted to approximately €3.4 m.

Chart 6.3: CSR expenditures breakdown by category

For the immediate future and through utilizing the relevant surveys, we will focus on areas where there is a greater social demand and improve our performance and contribution to CSR issues, contributing to sustainable development, improved relations with employees, enhanced social solidarity and inspired partnerships, with the local community and society as a whole, built on mutual trust.

Public Opinion Surveys

In June 2014, a qualitative and quantitative public opinion survey was conducted in the municipalities of the Thriassio Region and Western Thessaloniki, i.e. neighbouring areas to the Group’s industrial facilities.

Objectives of the survey included visualizing significant problems in the regions, perceptions on quality of life in each of the six municipalities and looking at how these regions co-exist with the plants.

Based on the Corporate Reputation overall index (resulting from the combined analysis of the responses to questions that record: overall opinion, trust, recommendation) HELLENIC PETROLEUM was placed first (amongst 8 companies) in Thriassio and third (amongst 5 companies) in Thessaloniki.

The local communities’ most significant expectations, according to the survey’s results, were:

  • Job creation
  • Social groups
  • Recruiting from the region
  • Supporting vulnerable social groups.