Our goal, in all locations in which we are privileged to operate in, is to contribute positively, in terms of economic value, environmental care and contribution to society.

The presence of the Group’s industrial installations assures economic benefits for the local communities, as it creates direct/indirect employment opportunities, boosts local businesses (in their capacity as suppliers) and contributes significant resources through taxes and local investments.

Table 6.1 Group’s Social Actions - 2015-2019 Strategic Targets

Society - Vulnerable Groups
  • Support programs for vulnerable groups
  • Continuous evaluation of CSR programs in order to meet the needs of society

Youth (all educational levels)

  • Create opportunities for young people
  • Collaboration with the educational community
Infrastructures - Environment

Support infrastructure projects in local communities for a better quality of life


  • Promotion of cultural heritage
  • Creation of historical archive/museum at Aspropyrgos Central Offices

Support sports events to develop team spirit

Voluntarism/Social Solidarity

  • Improve participation (from 4% to 7%) in joint events and social solidarity actions
  • Strengthening of relations with social partners, especially with local communities for harmonious coexistence and contribution to living conditions improvement

We aim to be an Energy Group that invests and develops in the context of sustainable development, respecting the environment and meeting society's needs.