The Group has a wide range of activities in the energy sector, the most important of which are the following:

  • Supply, Refining and Trading of Oil Products, both within Greece and abroad
  • Fuels Oil Marketing both within Greece and abroad
  • Petrochemicals/ Chemicals Production and Trading
  • Oil & Gas Exploration and Production
  • Power Generation and Trading
  • Supply, Transportation and Trading of Natural Gas.


Our vision: 

"To be a leading regional Energy Group with sustainable growth embedded in our strategy"’

Our mission:

"Energy for Life"   
Produce and offer top quality products and services in the energy sector, serving our customers in the Greek and international market with efficiency and innovation.

Our Principles:

  • Safety is always our First Priority
  • Offering Value to our Customers
  • Operating Responsibly towards Society and the Environment
  • Respecting our Colleagues and Partners, promoting Meritocracy, Teamwork, Innovation, Continuous Improvement and Results Orientation
  • Investing in Sustainable Development
  • Continuously enhancing our Competitiveness
  • Applying high standards of Corporate Governance
  • Creating Value for our Shareholders and focusing on the Continuous Improvement of our Results and Cash Flows

Our Attributes:

  (1) integrity

  (2) professionalism

  (3) commitment

  (4) sound judgment

  (5) initiative

  (6) extroversion