The Group is committed to create a uniform corporate culture, that upholds initiative and responsibility. This in return, we believe, cultivates ethical, creative and talented employees within an environment based on trust and respect. To this end, relevant policies and practices are adopted.

The Group’s Code of Conduct identifies regulatory and ethical compliance requirements as well as behaviours expected from all of its employees.

The Group's Code of Conduct was completed, approved and published in 2011. An awareness program, initiated in 2012 and implemented and completed in 2013, ensures for the dissemination of the Code of Conduct at all levels within the Group further ensuring the trust of our stakeholders through transparency in all actions. The Code of Conduct has been translated into the local languages in all the countries that  the Group operates in.

HELLENIC PETROLEUEM’s Internal Labour Code places an emphasis on the Group's operating mode and includes scope, policies, employee development and procedures for compliance with rules and principles governing its employees.

All of our employees have been informed and trained on issues concerning the internal operation of the Group, with particular reference to ethics, corruption, behavior towards colleagues and third parties, etc.

Corporate Governance

Our aim is to be transparent and to apply the strictest corporate governance rules. The BoD is committed to integrating CSR into the Group's strategy and adopting responsible corporate citizen behaviours.

For further information regarding the Group’s corporate governance structure, including its Board Committees, please see our website (INVESTOR RELATIONS section) or the Annual Financial Report for Fiscal Year 2014 (pages 151-161).