Message to our stakeholders

G. Stergioulis
Chief Executive Officer


Dear Stakeholders,


During this time of continuing economic instability in our country, HELLENIC PETROLEUM Group continues to be active in the context of sustainable development, through central axes that focus both on people and the environment.

In line with our vision, principles and values, we operate in a transparent manner, taking into account the important issues our stakeholders face and furthermore seek to solve them.

Although 2014 was another difficult year, during which we faced significant problems in our business environment, we nevertheless worked together effectively, utilizing our high level of expertise and enhancing openness and innovation in all areas of our activities.

  • In the area of safety, we made targeted interventions in the organization and training of our employees, investing over €11 m. in safety issues. Safety is our first and foremost priority and our main concern is to eliminate any failure in the context of with zero recorded accidents.
  • Following the full operation of the new Elefsina refinery, improvements in the refinery’s emissions were significant and exceeded the estimates envisaged by the approved Environmental Impact Study (EIS). Indicatively, emissions of sulfur dioxide (SO2) decreased by 80% compared with 70%, while nitrogen oxides (NOx) emissions decreased by 30% against the 11% envisaged by the EIS.
  • Air quality in the region also significantly improved. According to the Air Quality Measurement Stations, zero concentrations of SO2 were recorded, while NOx concentrations were 78% lower than the legal limit and 12% lower than EIS initial estimates.
  • Positive performance in the processing of liquid and solid waste also continued. Indicatively, the average for the three refineries, regarding the hydrocarbons wastewater index in 2014, is 40% lower than the statutory limit.
  • We renewed our commitment at a global level, through the dissemination of the principles of the UN Global Compact (UNGC) and operated, and continue to operate, with the principles of transparency, respect for human rights and equal treatment.
  • In the area of retail marketing, we improved the quality of our products and services, raising the number of company owned/company operated service stations from 90 to 139, thus winning the consumers’ trust.
  • We created added value for all of our employees, by investing in their development and progress. HELPE ACADEMY continued to operate, both in Greece and abroad, through a comprehensive education program, in which 75,000 hours of training took place, involving 2,500 employees.
  • In the context of Corporate Social Responsibility, we adopted initiatives that ensure for better living conditions for vulnerable social groups and reward capable university and school students, highlighting their academic excellence. We created employment opportunities within our organization, through the “Young Graduates Employment Program” and continued the “Scholarships program” for postgraduate studies in Greece and abroad.

The methodology followed once again in this year’s edition of the Corporate Responsibility Report derives from Directive G4 of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) in which a particular emphasis has been placed on identifying the material aspects, which are important both for the Group and our social partners.

The external verification conducted by a third independent body provides an objective certification that this year’s Report meets all the requirements under the GRI-G4 framework ("Comprehensive Option") and satisfies the criteria of the Global Compact Advanced Level.

Although the difficulties and the uncertainty, that continue to exist within the country, force us to adopt a somewhat restrained approach, we can also feel optimistic, having completed a major investment program and created the conditions for optimizing synergies in our operations and further utilizing our highly skilled employees. Through our professionalism, our integrity and ambitious strategy, we hope to create new opportunities for employment, sustainable development and economic prosperity.


G. Stergioulis
Chief Executive Officer