Based on our principles and values, strategy, activities, market, neighbouring areas and society, we annually redefine who our social partners (stakeholders) are and how they affect, and in turn are affected by, the Group’s  business activities.

The Group’s strategy and all of its actions aim to establish relationships with these stakeholders; so that the Group can in return respond to their needs, minimize reputational and operational risks and exploit the competitive advantages that these synergies create.

More specifically:

Our People

Our goal is to be a "preferred employer". We want to ensure that we offer an attractive environment to our employees as well as opportunities for them to improve their professional and personal development without discrimination (see also "OUR PEOPLE" and "HEALTH & SAFETY"sections).

Our Neighbours

The ongoing forms of consultation, communication and collaboration - with society as a whole and the local communities where we practice our business activities - help us to create an atmosphere of trust and meet their needs in the best possible manner (see also "OUR CONTRIBUTION TO SOCIETY" section).

Our Shareholders/Investors

We seek to ensure high levels of competitiveness and efficiency through transparent processes and continuously updating the investment community.

Our Partners/Customers

Our goal is to be in a position where our business partners, customers and suppliers actually prefer to work with us through cultivating synergies, which create value for all of our stakeholders (see also "SUPPLIERS AND CUSTOMERS" section).

Our Environment

We behave like a responsible corporate-citizen. Through our wide range of activities in S.E. Europe we contribute towards international efforts, aimed at managing "complex globalized challenges" such as climate change, increasing RES and reducing environmental impacts in general (see also "ENVIRONMENT" section).

The materiality assessment was an additional tool, with which we  investigated our stakeholders’ opinions and expectations in addition to following conventional modes of continuous two-way communication and dialogue with our stakeholders, as presented in Table 1.3.

Table 1.3:  Stakeholder Engagement

Stakeholder Group Our Engagement Methods

 Satisfaction surveys
 Scheduled meetings
 Periodical publications

 Local communities

 Public discussions, debates
 Focus group surveys
 Public opinion surveys
 Reports/announcements in the press


 Road shows
 Publications, reports


 Questionnaire survey


 Satisfaction Surveys
 Loyalty surveys
 Performance survey at petrol stations
 Custom surveys through questionnaire
 Acceptability survey of a new product/service
 Focus-Group surveys


We strive to exchange information, views and recommendations, share activities and progress against key goals and work in partnership towards common objectives. Engagement may take the form of one-on-one meetings, expert input forums or roundtable discussions, industry coalitions or formal partnerships.