Scheduled safety inspections performed by internal and independent external auditors are conducted at many levels. Depending on the findings that surface, actions for further safety improvement are planned and implemented.

Periodic audits are carried out by:

  • The GHSESDD in order to spread experience, knowhow and the implementation of good safety practices amongst the Group’s refineries and subsidiaries.
  • In 2014 particular emphasis was given to the inspection of pending findings from  previous audits across LPG storage and trading facilities at the Group’s subsidiaries, in Greece and abroad.     New safety audits targeted as always in process safety took place at the Group’s refineries and subsidiaries, in Greece and abroad. Unscheduled  safety audits were also carried out at CALYPSO service stations in preparation for the "Together with the Customer" program.
  • Management and engineers from different units within the industrial facilities with the direct objective of identifying and correcting unsafe behaviors, indirectly involving staff executives with regards to improving safety (one safety visit takes place, per week, at each production unit).
  • The Departments for Health, Safety and Environment at each facility.
  • Special committees at the facilities.
  • Independent, internationally recognized and experienced inspectors (third party auditors), at the company’s invitation; or experts from companies that provide insurance coverage to the Group’s industrial installations.
  • The relevant authorities for major accident prevention (SEVESO inspections).