Ensuring employees’ health is an integral part of the company’s culture. Scheduled medical tests, in connection with the job type, age group and gender, are implemented. Laboratory tests include biochemical blood and urine tests as well as x-rays, eye tests, spirometric testing, hearing and cardiological tests.

Employees’ health monitoring is supplemented with additional tests from the occupational physicians. Finally, statistical evaluations of clinical and laboratory tests take place annually in order to draw conclusions on the need for additional measures to improve working conditions and health protection.

There was no recorded case of any occupational diseases in the Group’s industrial facilities. Generally, there are no employees who are at high risk of occupational diseases. In cases where there are significant risks (e.g. hearing loss due to noise at airports), appropriate measures for their prevention are taken.

More information on occupational health may be found at the Group's website (Health, Safety & Environment section).