The Group’s environmental strategy focuses on the prevention and minimization of impacts on the environment through the implementation of adequate measures, practices and technologies throughout the product life cycle. These are implemented from the design of the production scheme and the potential implementation of abatement technology, until the end use.

By constantly improving the production process, and our environmental footprint, we consistently strive to achieve:

  • increased efficiency in the use of natural resources – energy
  • reduction in air emissions, effluents and waste.

The systematic monitoring of technological developments, environmental legislation and our active participation in the relevant information and consultation processes, contribute significantly to the realization of the Group’s strategy to pursue sustainable development; along with targeted environmental investments and extensive environmental education programs. All of the above have resulted in the achievement of remarkable performance in areas such as reduction of air emissions, water and waste management, energy efficiency and reduction of carbon footprint.

The completion, in previous years, of the two major modernization - upgrading projects at the Elefsina and Thessaloniki refineries, amounting to €1.7 billion, resulting in a significant improvement of the refineries’ environmental footprint and the air quality in neighbouring areas, constitutes the most favorable condition and starting point to harmonize with the new emission levels recently decided at a European level concerning refineries.