The Group’s main objective continues to be the continual improvement of environmental performance in areas such as the reduction of the environmental impact throughout the product life cycle and the rational management of natural resources in the production process; as well as their contribution to addressing climate change by improving energy efficiency.

Upon completion of the significant investment to upgrade and modernize the Elefsina refinery, in 2013, (preceded by that of the Thessaloniki refinery, in 2011) the HELLENIC PETROLEUM Group set the year 2014 as the base-year for environmental performance improvement.

The long-term environmental targets, in key priority areas for the Group and refineries (as main production activity), are as follows:

  • Reduction of tn CO2 emissions/ tn crude oil index by at least 5% though the next 5 years (refineries) 
  • Reduction of Carbon Footprint by at least 250,000 tn CO2 investing in renewable energy (at least 100MW self-produced electricity) through the next 10 years.