HELLENIC PETROLEUM rigorously implements its environmental policy, a policy that commits our employees and is embedded in every operational activity.

The vision, environmental policy, environmental objectives for each activity, the monitoring of all environmental parameters through European indicators, the benchmarking with the performance of the oil industry sector in Europe, continuously providing environmental education to personnel and stakeholders and the implementation and certification of environmental management systems across the wide spectrum of Group’s activities, are all key to the organization and management of environmental issues.

HELLENIC PETROLEUM regularly assesses compliance with the relevant environmental management procedures, at every facility, either through internal audits conducted by qualified and experienced personnel or through inspections made by independent external accredited certification bodies. The Group also monitors the development of environmental key performance indicators (KPIs) which are included in the Group’s regular reports and the staff performance evaluation criteria.

Furthermore, the Group, with the objective of continuous updating on the best environmental practices and the development of corporate culture, on environmental protection and management, constantly implements a number of activities concerning ongoing environmental education and awareness for its employees, customers, suppliers, subcontractors, public and local authorities, etc.

Indicatively, in 2014, 86% of our employees at the Group’s refineries were trained on environmental issues amounting to 5,163 man-hours. In detail, the training is presented in Table 4.1.

Table 4.1: Environmental training in 2014

No of employees   720   470   527 1,361
No of trained employees   532   470   477   613
Employees' training man-hours  2,431 232 2,500   663
No of third parties' trained people   129 1,997   765   414
Third parties' training man-hours   129 333   383   388