The Group follows a strategy for the further development of its activities and the continuation of the existing activities with respect to the natural environment.

It is underlined that all of the Group’s facilities are in areas legislated for industrial use and are located away from protected areas (e.g. NATURA, RAMSAR).

The Group has developed actions to protect and enhance the natural environment and ecosystems which are considered as a priority and a key pillar of sustainable development. Examples include the promotion and monitoring programs of the Lake Koumoundourou ecosystem and the adoption of the Gikas hill, in Aspropyrgos, reforestation program.

HELLENIC PETROLEUM follows closely developments concerning the effective implementation of the national strategy for biodiversity; and, at the same time, has shown its willingness to cooperate with the national authorities to this effect. The monitoring of new European trends and the integration of international recognized tools are expected to contribute significantly to the implementation of innovative conservation practices and biodiversity management.